Even before our opening, we have already established that House of Pho's philosophy will always be a simple one - “Give customers an excellent dining experience, offering the highest quality Vietnamese food with attentive and friendly service, in a beautifully decorated, warm, and clean environment.”

What once began with a simple menu and just 10 items on the menu, "Pho" or beef noodle soup being the main attraction, is now a menu full of delightful dishes of appetizers, noodle soups, grilled meats on rice, vermicelli and or crispy bread, choices of different fish/shrimp dishes. We craft all of our stocks, sauces, dressings, etc... from scratch on a daily basis. Our regular bestseller spring rolls now can also be ordered with shrimp, chicken or vegetarian. We have also included many other regional favorites to making sure that there is always something for everyone.

We strive to please our customers with our authentic and original style of Vietnamese food, service and atmosphere, all just a little different from other Western or Asian restaurants.

Now that we have been around many years already, we are still relatively new in the area, but we are amazed to see how our family of customers have grown very rapidly, everyone have been welcoming us to their neighborhood and wishing us the best of luck, offering the best advices and bringing in their new families and friends, helping us spreading the words-of-mouth... We are very fortunate and happy to have such good people come into our lives.

Cam On
"Thank You"

Le Tran
Chef - Owner
House Of Pho