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House Of Pho

What our customers says about us:

The House of Pho serves the best pho that we have had, and we are very experienced pho consumers. Indeed, we have been to the places mentioned by the other reviewers, and the House of Pho's offerings are superior. Both the beef and chicken broths were light, clear, flavorful and not salty. More importantly, our phos contained generous amounts of of real (not processed) beef and chicken. The spring rolls were well presented and very refreshing. The House of Pho also brews a divine pot of tea. The ginger tea is not to be missed and is a sufficient reason for a return visit. The service was prompt, efficient and attentive. And we were particularly charmed the manager who visited with us and who showed immense pride in his restuarant and a strong desire to ensure the satisfaction of his patrons. Notably, our experience may have been more positive than the other reviewers because we visited the restaurant a couple of weeks after it opened and had eliminated any opening night issues. We look forward to returning often and bringing friends with us. Miss Y, Philadelphia, PA

I ate here twice and both times were great. Get the Vietnamese coffee! Soooo delicious! I'm not sure what other people experienced but I thought the portion sizes were pretty big. Both times I went, I took home half my meal. They could have served the pho with more meatballs though. The shrimp spring rolls get an A+ in my book and I really loved them with the peanut sauce. For those who received fortune cookies, I believe they discontinued them! The first time I went, I laughed a little at this gesture but the second time, I did not get any fortune cookies. They also changed their menu slightly and added more meals. The main courses are nicely priced. Some asian restaurants in the area are double the cost per entree. Overall the service was very pleasant and attentive. If you enjoy Pho Palace, you should try this place as an alternative one day. Sherry W., Huntingdon Valley, PA

My husband and I were doing our usual grocery shopping at Giant and we saw the new House of Pho restaurant which was adjacent to the supermarket. We are both Pho-natics and were excited to try this place out. We have been to a variety of Pho restaurants in the Philadelphia and Maryland area and we both agree this is one of the better pho restaurants we've experienced.

When we first walked into the restaurant, we were shocked by the beautiful décor there. The server was quick to greet us and sit us down. We started with the spring roll appetizer and we loved it. It was fresh and light. My husband also ordered the Vietnamese mango milkshake. He enjoyed the drink so much that I felt bad trying to steal some sips from his drink haha. It was quite refreshing.

My husband ordered the Pho Dac Biet and I ordered the Pho Chin Bo Vien. The food came out quickly which we appreciated. It was really yummy, we love the broth and tender meat. Our server was courteous and attentive the entire time we were there. We'll be coming back. Maryanne P., Doylestown, PA

Definitely the best Vietnamese I've had outside of the city. We went for lunch today, and service was a tad on the slow side. But the food more than made up for it.

I have been to this place many many times and it is nothing but a 'perfect 10' to me. The ambiance is beautiful, the wait staffs are pleasant, the food is unbelievable and I also noticed that they have constantly improving their menus. A lot more choices, a lot more good dishes and a lot better every time my husband and I returned. Fair L., Warrington, PA

It was my first time going here but the two co-workers I ate with come here a lot. Of course we got the spring roll appetizer and it was real good. Every bite was crunchy and fresh. I think it''s the pickled daikon and carrot that makes it so good. I had the pho chin bo vien. The pho tasted nice! Real tasty and light broth. The portion seemed large to me. One co-worker got the bun (noodle) with grilled pork. The other got their special lettuce wrap with meats. I didn't try the others but no one had any food leftover so everyone enjoyed it. I had a bite of their marinated grilled chicken, real delicious!

My co-worker says they've really made positive changes in the restaurant over the past few weeks. I'm sure a happy customer.

Pros: Great atmosphere. Nice warm colors and decorations. Great tasting food and came out fast.

Cons: Service was slow on refilling our waters but it was a little busy around lunch time.

Next time I want to save room for their fruit smoothies. I hope to come back soon. Brad.G., Warminster, PA

This is a nice Vietnamese restaurant a little north of Philly. Im from southern California and I travel a lot, so it's hard for me to find a good pho place when I'm away from home. I've tried pho in quite a few different places on the east coast- including Florida, Georgia, New york, Boston, and of course Philadelphia. I would say that this restaurant's pho tastes comparable to the ones in California- clear, light and full of flavors. It was so good that I came two nights in a row- definitely worthy of 5 stars.

The service was quick and the decor was wonderful. What sometimes turns me off about Vietnamese restaurants is their small, crowded, and scarcely furnished look, however this restaurant's decor is absolutely perfect. I've never seen a Vietnamese restaurant look so clean and meticulously decorated. Excellent food is a plus, too. All in all, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a quick and delicious Vietnamese soup. Steph R., Los Angeles, CA.

Thought the Pho Ga was great! The broth was delicious and the chicken was shredded well, so that it evenly distributed throughout my bowl. I like the chicken pieces to be small so I was glad I didn't have to break up the chicken myself. Big healthy servings exactly what you'd expect when ordering Pho. The staff were super friendly and we had great service. Also, the place is pretty big and looked really nice inside. Definitely, going back!
Jessica K., Philadelphia, PA

We started with the spring rolls, which were light and refreshing and came with a delicious sauce. The Pho beef broth and brisket was incredible - not too salty, lots of depth, had a homemade, comforting taste to it. It was a perfect pick-me-up for the rainy April weather we've been having. We also had the broken rice and lemongrass pork dish. The pork was tender and flavorful with no fat to be found.

The place is decorated beautifully, you forget for a minute that you're in the middle of a Southampton shopping center! Will definitely be returning for dinner to try their fried rice, which they don't have at lunch for some reason. Stephanie A., Churchville, PA.

Best Pho i have had in a very long time, and most certainly the best in the area. The food was great and the staff was very friendly. I was sceptical going in having read the other reviews but was more than happy with the food and service. I plan on frequenting the House of Pho, i would recommend this place to everyone. Boe K., Trevose-Feasterville, PA.

Hello my name is Julia and I love your food very much. My mom and I eat from House of Pho almost every week and sometimes more than once. Your food is very good. It's all very fresh and I love that its so healthy. I think that the shrimp spring rolls and the Pho Ga are extremely delicious as is everything else in the menu. Thank you, Julia B. Southampton, PA